ability to localize the form.mobile.compat template depending on the language (content-negotiation)




5 years ago
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5 years ago
In our effort for Web Compatibility, most of the users being faced with bugs will be people with only the command of their own language.

Would it be possible:

1. to localize the form depending on the language headers sent by the device?
2. to have a file with list of strings we need to localize and that we could augment little by little depending on the markets where Firefox OS is being launched.

This bug was suggested by Thanos Alefteris doing cool work with the Greek market.
This sounds like a BMO-only thing, moving to correct place.
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Component: Administration → Administration
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Product: Bugzilla → bugzilla.mozilla.org
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sorry, but bugzilla.mozilla.org is current an english-only system.

while it's technically possible to localise that form (bugzilla has an l10n framework), everything else about the system will be in english, including instructions for account creation and any updates relating to that bug.

i'll leave this bug open so we can discuss alternatives during our team meeting this week.
i found this bug during triage; sorry it took way to long for this reply :(

we discussed this, and as all other parts of bugzilla are english only, in particular the account creation and validation process, we are unable to provide non-english bugzilla content.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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