"order by last name" setting doesn't take surname prefix into account



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Steps to reproduce:

I added some contacs in the Contacts application which have surnames with a surname prefix. I live in the Netherlands, where these surname prefixes are common for Dutch names. For example my own name, which has the surname prefix "van". I then wanted the Contacts application to order my contacts by their last name instead of their first, so I enabled the "Order by last name" option in the application's settings.

Actual results:

My family, who also have the "Van Loon" surname, got sorted under the "V" instead of the "L".

Expected results:

When entering a contact there should be a separate field to enter the surname prefix. Then the "Order by last name" option should have problems with sorting on surnames.
This does seem to occur with 1.1. Have you tried flashing a newer version like  1.3 to see if the issue is still there?
Andrew: I tried this behavior on 1.3 and the Actual results are the same. 

Alexander: I understand your concern. In the meantime, are you able to set your name as -

   First Name: "Alexander Van"
   Last Name: "Loon"

This way your name will be sorted correctly by the surname "Loon" instead of the prefix "Van".

I wonder if it's even possible to make the contacts app understand Surnames and Prefixes of surnames in the way you describe. I don't think that this would be feasible, but I'll let the experts chime in. =)

Another possible solution would be add a "Middle Name" field where the surname prefix "Van" could be added. Example:
   First Name "Alexander"
   Middle Name "Van"
   Last Name "Loon"

Firefox OS could then sort by the actual last name "Loon".

- Ralph

Comment 3

5 years ago
Ralph, this workaround works. However, what if Firefox OS finally gains a feature to synchronize contacts using CardDAV from say, ownCloud or SOGo? In that case such a workaround is not feasible because I would need to edit a lot of names to get the sorting right. In that case Firefox OS should, as you say, allow editing the middle name field which is commonly used for surname prefixes.

Comment 4

a year ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: a year ago
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