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Model, expose, and use the concept of a 'site'


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We expose Top Sites front-and-center in our UI. Unfortunately, the user concept of a "site" falls down pretty hard in the face of URLs -- see Bug 934030, Bug 934644, and the well-known "" problem (e.g., Send Tab or bookmarking the mobile version of a page is unpleasant when you revisit that page on a different device).

The symptoms of this: not show favicons or thumbnails when we could, just because a 3xx got in the way; doing redundant network operations because we don't record the chain of favicon (or page!) redirects (Bug 925878); failing to boost the Top-ness of a site, just because your desktop visits are being recorded under a different URL; perhaps others.

We should consider recording and maintaining a shared conception of a "site" which would accrete into a single entity different URLs related by a translation (e.g., a network redirect).

mfinkle uttered the forbidden word "docshell" when I mentioned this idea. Gulp.
If I suspect oceans need to be boiled to make this happen, I will push to shut it down. This has "Yak Shaving Expedition" written all over it.
(In reply to Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) from comment #1)
> If I suspect oceans need to be boiled to make this happen, I will push to
> shut it down. This has "Yak Shaving Expedition" written all over it.

I don't think it is necessarily as crazy as it might seem. Places is 90% of the way there:

Every visit is identified by its visit date, and a visit type (also known as transition type) that represents how we have come to that page (typed, click, redirect, bookmark, etc.). An additional property of a visit is the visit we have come from, this is used to track visit chains in global history, so for example if clicking a link causes a redirect the from visit will allow to follow up the chain of visits. At the moment this is used when catching favicons or bookmarks for redirected pages.

which means that much of the plumbing will be there, too. We'd need to:

* Extend our own Java-side DB with a notion of visits (which would also save Sync from having to maintain its parallel and ever-growing JSON visit table, which is as awful as it sounds).
* Successfully coordinate page load events with visits across the bridge.
* Expose visit chains in a useful way: redirect-centered chain fragments would be used to find thumbnails and favicons, and to compute frecency.
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It's been years and this bug has gone nowhere. I don't want us to block on a perfect solution to start fixing some obvious problems with our top sites logic.
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I don't think we should try to do this, since I think it's impossible to do it correctly. We should first come up with some simple heuristics to make our current top sites more useful.

See also comment 1.
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