cfx xpi command should consider enabling developers to specify a list of files to exclude



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5 years ago


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cfx is indeed a nicely crafted tool, but we should consider further streamline the process all the way to add-on review by allowing developers to specify a list of files to exclude.

What happened with my add-on was that after weeks of waiting on full reviews, my add-on was initially rejected on the ground that I didn't remove the build scripts and demo page that references external CSS. So I ended up wrap |cfx xpi| this way to make reviwers happy.


Such problem would be better to be solved by cfx than shell script.
Hi Tim,

Your bringing up a very valid use case and we should have a way to exclude such files from the builds.
Ban news is cfx is a tool that we have hard time maintaining & in fact are actively working to get rid
of it entirely. In long term plan is to just use a Firefox as an add-on authoring tool. In that future
building .xpi will just be a building a zip file. You can find more details & keep track of the progress
on this under a bug 915376. Now with that in mind, I'm it does not makes sense for us to be working on
this (mainly because cfx code base is mess and we don't have ppl on a team who really knows it).

Never the less if you want to tackle this and send us up a pull request, we would take it.
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