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Investigate performance of Purdue's JSBench benchmark


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In Tom's Hardware Guide's June 2013 Grand Prix, Firefox came in fourth place in Purdue's JSBench:,3534-6.html

«JSBench is a new approach to JavaScript benchmarking. Traditionally, benchmarks are made by writing long-running but arbitrary programs which the author hopes will exercise the same parts of the language engine as real-world code does, in the same ways. This technique creates reliable, portable benchmarks, but it is difficult to evaluate the legitimacy of these benchmarks with respect to real code. Another technique is to adapt real-world code to use as benchmarks. We expand on that idea by automating the process of adapting real-world code with the JSBench record-replay framework. Our benchmarks are generated from real JavaScript-utilizing web pages. They aim to be representative by using the real, original code, only modified to remove human interaction and nondeterminism.»
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Chris is it still worth tracking this?
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Nope. The JSBench website has moved and the online version no longer works correctly in Chrome or Firefox.
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