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[WBGP] Investigate performance of Dromaeo benchmark


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In Tom's Hardware Guide's June 2013 Grand Prix, Firefox 21 beat Chrome 27 on Dromaeo overall, but we are slower on some individual tests cases.,3534-6.html

We have some existing bugs about Dromaeo perf.
No longer depends on: 533634
On my MacBook Pro, Firefox 28 is significant slower that Chrome 32 on some test cases (but wins overall due to a couple extremely favorable results for DOM jQuery).

* Are these all known issues? I see that we have bugs for some of these test cases.,208893

Test                        Fx28    Cr32    Factor
----                        ----    ----    -------
Base64                       516    1057    2.0x
Bitwise And                 2412    7391    3.1x
Compute Bits in Byte        4256   17749    4.2x
DNA Sequence Counting        222     463    2.1x
DOM Attributes (Prototype)   630    1367    2.2x
DOM Modification (Prototype) 209     424    2.0x
DOM Style (Prototype)        184     387    2.1x
Prime Number Computation     844    1723    2.0x
RayTracer                    203     625    3.1x
Regular Expressions          279     908    3.3x
String Parsing/Searching     187     567    3.0x
Traversing Binary Trees      485    2891    6.0x
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