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form history suggest lose 'hover'


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Steps to reproduce:

- move the mouse on [ hover ]
- enter a word in input field and submit
- move the mouse on [hover ] a second time
- use the suggestion on the input field

Actual results:

Hover is lost.

Expected results:

Don't lose hover.
(In reply to Zéfling from comment #0)
> - use the suggestion on the input field

More specifically: Move the mouse cursor over the dropdown menu. (Or alternately: have the mouse cursor hovering over the button at that point, and toggle the dropdown menu with the keyboard such that it pops out under your mouse cursor)
(With the clarification in Comment 1, I can reproduce this, using a Nightly build last updated a few days ago.)

The user's expectation is that the form-history menu should be considered part of the <input> element, and thereby part of the <form>, so it should count for the form:hover state. (I'm not sure offhand why that's not happening. Maybe it's because the menu dropdown absorbs the mouse events entirely?)

Zéfling: do you know if this is something that used to work but no longer does?
Component: Layout → Event Handling
Ever confirmed: true
Priority: -- → P4
Thank you for the precession.

Sorry for the version, we have no update on PPA ( ) since this build.

I'm trying this for the first time today on my website and it does not work in Firefox. (I test firstly on Nightly). I was just surprised to see that it does not work. For this raison, I wrote this little test.
I think what you're expecting is that the autocomplete popup disappear when its target is no longer visible (and its frame is no longer present). The best fix would be bug 570835 where this would get fixed automatically.
Depends on: 570835
No, not at all. That the parent remains visible when I go on autocompletion.
Duplicate of this bug: 991717
2 Years later i still have the same issue with current versions of Firefox (no other Browser does that). The only workaround is to use JavaScript. But this really should not happen.
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Component: Event Handling → User events and focus handling
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