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switch to FactoryBoy


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We use homebrew model makers in the test code and some other places. This works, but in some cases it's clunky.

Seems a lot easier to switch to FactoryBoy for model makers. Syntax is nice. Looks easy to deal with. Should be straight-forward to switch.
Pushing this off to 2014q1 because I can't get to it this quarter.
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Moving this to 2014q2.
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Bumping this to 2014q3 when I plan to do a round of updates of things.
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Added it to vendor/ in

This bug should cover ditching our model makers and switching to it, too. So leaving it open.
This switches all the tests to use FactoryBoy factories:

Since this is all test-related, it doesn't need to go to production, so I'm going to mark it FIXED now.
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This was about 1 point. I did part of it this afternoon and the rest this evening.
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