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5 years ago
Have more than one tab open. Go offline (on file menu) and try and load a non-cached page, you should get:

"Offline mode

          Firefox is currently in offline mode and can't browse the Web.

  Press "Try Again" to switch to online mode and reload the page."

If you press the Try Again button and then press ctrl-tab to cycle to another tab the tabs will not cycle. Focus seems to move to the address bar, and only on the second press of ctrl-tab does the software behave as expected, and like the behaviour elsewhere in FF and in other applications.

Bug report over, rant commences: Is this yet another stupid hand-holding effort that does nothing but make things more confusing and complicated? What kind of arrogance drives changes to de-facto standards like ctrl-tab? (IMHO it is fanboyism and that the world's biggest advertising company are Mozilla's main funder). Or if I have things wrong how about intercepting alt-tab so that when a user tries to cycle programs on their computer FF responds and cycles through "apps" or whatever corporate **** the user has loaded. That would help with the pretence that the web is an application platform, like an operating system. That'll help keep users in the dark and keep 'em confused, and they'll continue to need middlemen (the web2.0 business model..... a repetition of all the previous lock-in type tricks that industry has pulled. Why do FOSS advocates seemingly fall for this so often? I worry that many FOSS advocates are just knee-jerking against MS and/or Apple, and Google et al. are taking advantage of that misunderstanding).

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5 years ago
I don't think we need your pointless second comment, reporting technical issues is enough. :)
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