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[Notification] Notification counter doesn't work correctly.


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blocking-b2g 1.3+


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The notification counter doesn't work correctly. There should be one notification in the list, and it shows "No notifications".

** The case is by the testing on Flatfish devices. It might not be able to reproduce on other mobile devices **

Gaia:     4a0bb67204572affcbf1afb384d2ffdc8261e977
Gecko:    e42dac2ae79959eadd8d832c715e430ada8d64cc
BuildID   20131108064537
Version   28.0a1
Ni? Francis to see if we need to fix the problem.
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Summary: [Flatfish] → [Flatfish][Notification] Notification counter doesn't work correctly.
Update correct commit number. Due to there's local patch for Flatfish now, the commit numbers in description didn't fulfill exist commit numbers.

functional fail, this is a must fix item. change it to developer+ and 1.3+
blocking-b2g: --- → 1.3+
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Whiteboard: [Flatfish][developer-] → [Flatfish][developer+]
I think it's not just a flatfish issue.

The cause is utility tray has many wildcard notifications, but gaia only count 'desktop-notifications-container' as real notifications. 

We need UX support to clarify which kind of items showed in Utility tray should count in the notifications

Wild card items are:

*update-manager-container (this case)
*media-playback panel
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Note that currently these wildcard items can't be cleaned via click 'Clear All' link at top right corner.
Can spot the same behavior on phone
Summary: [Flatfish][Notification] Notification counter doesn't work correctly. → [Notification] Notification counter doesn't work correctly.
Francis, since it's not flatfish-only issue, is it still developer+? To me, it's a wrong UI update, not functional fail.
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Evelyn, i just want to make sure this bug will be fixed for Flatfish. i will remove [Flatfish] whiteboard tag since its not only for Flatfish. are we targeting to fix it before 1.2 CS (1.3 FC)? if possible, could you please set a target milestone?
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Whiteboard: [Flatfish][developer+] → [developer+]
Mike, FYI 'storage-watcher-container' only shown when system has low Disk Space
Assignee: nobody → gasolin
Here's the mapping of the notifications : status bar icons
There're only 3 wildcard do not mapped to status bar yet


*emergency-callback-notification ('emergency-cb-notification')
*media-playback panel ('playing')
*install-manager-notification-container ('system-downloads')
*bluetooth-transfer-status-list ('bluetooth-transferring')
*media-recoding ('recording')
More update:

The following handler will show statusbar notifications 


Only keyboard selector show nothing on statusbar

per discussion offline with Mike & Harly, we'll always show 'Notifications' instead of 'No notification' even if there's no notification.
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Please refer to comment 12 by Fred
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Please refer to comment 12 by Fred
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merged to gaia-master


request for a new keyboard visual indicator is filed in bug 939011
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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