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temporarily backout NSS 3.15.4 beta code, to test if it stops the random failures


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I suggest to temporarily go back to NSS 3.15.3 RTM on mozilla-central, and temporarily disable the calls in PSM to new NSS APIs. Will attach a patch.
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<briansmith> kaie: I agree with you that we should back out the recent update of NSS
<kaie> briansmith, ok cool. want me to push it?
<briansmith> wait a sec
* kaie waits a sec :)
<briansmith> question: should we update to NSS 3.15.3 RTM, or just revert the update to NSS 3.15.4 beta 2?
<briansmith> I think we should just backout the update to NSS 3.15.4 beta 2, to restore things to how it was previously
<briansmith> and if that fixes things then update to NSS 3.15.3 RTM
<kaie> briansmith, if we reverted that update, we'd introduce a snapshot that calls itself a 3.15.3-beta - I'm a bit worried about the confusion that could create
<kaie> but I understand that it reduces the set of software that might be responsible for the crashes.
<kaie> hmm...
<briansmith> I don't think we should worry so much about that, given that it is just a few days
<briansmith> I think the way I suggest is better because we can bisect changes
<kaie> briansmith, ok. feel free to go ahead with your plan. 
<briansmith> OK.
<briansmith> I am going to do it in three changesets:
<briansmith> 1. hg backout 8dbd3f432835 (this will back out bug 932176)
<briansmith> 2. hg backout the change that updated to NSS 3.15.4 beta 2
<briansmith> actually, I guess just two changes
<kaie> ok
<briansmith> if that doesn't fix things then it is likely a problem with TLS 1.2
<briansmith> OK. Thanks for your work on all this!
<kaie> you can quote me r=kaie for backing out, if necessary
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<briansmith> BTW, there is a step three: back out NSS 3.15.4 beta 1
This was undone after investigation revealed that NSS 3.15.4 couldn't have caused the regressions since the regressions started before NSS 3.15.4 landed. See bug 898431 comment 28.
Closed: 6 years ago
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