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Steps to reproduce:

<They told me they fixed it.>

Actual results:

Lightning had a problem in Thunderbird a few weeks ago, details for which I cannot at the moment call back to mind, but the net result was that all calendaring functions simply disappeared from the TBird interface.

Last week after tens day away, I upgraded TBird to 24.1.0 and (mysteriously) Lightning upgraded iteself to 2.6.2. I was then greeted with 14 accumulated reminders. I am now able to see upcoming calendared events in the Today pane and add new events therefrom. All of this is good and I'm relieved to have the functionality returned.

Unfortunately, I am unable to see the monthly calendar tab (7 days wide by 4-5 weeks high). Clicking the View menu item drops down the list with Calendar> grayed out.

Expected results:

View > Calendar should be enabled.

(Should I disable and re-enable Lightning on the Add-Ons page? Or remove and reinstall it?)
You can open the calendar tab using menu Events & Tasks > Calendar or using the Calendar  button in the tab toolbar or using the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

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Thanks, Stefan. Both comments duly noted and appreciated.
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