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Integrate the chromium message loop into nsThread


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We need the ability to process chromium IPC messages on regular nsThreads for workers. The attached patch integrates the chromium message loop into nsThread.
This is not the main patch, just some cleanup that I did before. It basically adds MOZ_OVERRIDE and MOZ_ASSERT to stuff, and tightens up the inheritance rules.
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I needed to change nsIThreadObserver slightly so that LazyIdleThread can know if an event actually ran. This bug already existed but was triggered reliably with the message loop patch.
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Pre-patch cleanup, v1

What's up with the anonymous namespace? `static` is preferred when possible for debugging reasons, and it looks possible here.

r=me with that reverted or explained
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Attached patch Fix timer replacements, v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Hrm, I hate this... 

toolkit/components/places/tests/expiration/test_pref_interval.js (and presumably other things) mock the timer implementation. Since the mock is written in JS it crashes when being called off the main thread. I'm not sure that this is something we really should support, but the attached patch works around mocks by always using the builtin implementation for the delayed work timers.

What do you think?
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Fix timer replacements, v1

I don't understand how TimerCID always uses the builtin implementation. Are you relying on ordering to ensure that TimerCID is always called before the mock takes over?

The normal/better way to use a specific implementation is to expose its CID directly and call doCreateInstance with it. I would prefer that here.
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Well, I was thinking that some addon could replace our timer implementation with a legitimate C++ implementation, and that we should use whatever it is... But this works too. Do you prefer this?
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Fix timer replacements, v2

Yes quite. Any addon attempting to replace timers with a c++ replacement would be insane, especially because we call directly into the timer C++ code from XPCOM startup/shutdown.
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