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Browse windows and tabs in AppleScript


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It would be nice to have a real AppleScript dictionary in Firefox, like other Mac browsers have.

It would be nice to be able to browse windows and tabs, and get the addresses…, in AppleScript. We can do that with Safari.
Component: General → Shell Integration
Depends on: 608049
Agreed, I build a bunch of workflows around Chrome's AppleScript dictionary, and I haven't found a good way to migrate those over to Firefox. Most valuable to me would be exposing the browser's tabs and bookmarks to AppleScript.
Not a shell integration bug so moving back to General
Component: Shell Integration → General
Agreed on adding AppleScript to Firefox. It enables a lot of really cool 3rd party scripting and has wide support in other browsers for Mac including Chrome, Safari, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi. Adding support in Firefox would be really awesome!

The ability to get (and set) URLs from tabs in AppleScript is I think all that's needed.
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