Open Bug 939900 Opened 7 years ago Updated 4 years ago

Master Password behavior doesn't match user expectations


(Firefox for Android :: General, defect)

Not set




(Reporter: rnewman, Unassigned)


dria reported that she doesn't get prompted for her master password when auto-filling passwords, only when saving passwords.

This implies one of two things:

* We're leaving the DB unlocked (perhaps due to the background process content provider) for longer than the user expects

* We're doing something completely wacky, like storing passwords without the MP applied, so we're decrypting them successfully without it.

None of these things are good, and we should figure this out post-haste.

Can someone in QA verify this, please?
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We auto-fill a saved password without prompting for a master password input.
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FWIW that is not the behavior that I see on my device.  I get prompted before Fennec auto-fills the first password field on a web page.
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