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Annotate pref_HashTableLookup as never GCing


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Function 'uint8 mozilla::dom::Navigator::HasTelephonySupport(JSContext*, JSObject*)' has unrooted 'aGlobal' of type 'JSObject*' live across GC call 'uint32 mozilla::Preferences::GetBool(int8*, uint8*)' at dom/base/Navigator.cpp:1702
    dom/base/Navigator.cpp:1701: Assign(1,2, enabled := 0)
    dom/base/Navigator.cpp:1702: Call(2,3, GetBool("dom.telephony.enabled",enabled))
    dom/base/Navigator.cpp:1703: Call(3,4, __temp_1 := __builtin_expect(!enabled*,0))
    dom/base/Navigator.cpp:1703: Assume(4,7, (__temp_1* != 0), false)
    dom/base/Navigator.cpp:1705: Call(7,8, __temp_3 := GetWindowFromGlobal(aGlobal*))
GC Function: uint32 mozilla::Preferences::GetBool(int8*, uint8*)
    PrefHashEntry* pref_HashTableLookup(void*)
    FieldCall: PLDHashTableOps.initEntry

This is a false positive. The analysis sees the call through an initEntry function pointer and freaks out, thinking it could call something that can GC. We could instruct the analysis to ignore this function, but it's a little nicer to put it in the code as documentation (and a dynamic verification in DEBUG mode.)
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Annotate pref_HashTableLookup as never GCing

Nope, this doesn't work. This tries to fetch a JSRuntime from TLS, and it's either on the wrong thread or there isn't one around to fetch yet.
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Attached patch pref_HashTableLookup cannot GC (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Seems easiest to annotate it in the analysis instead. :(
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For the record, js::TlsPerThreadData.get() was returning NULL. So this was probably just firing too early?
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pref_HashTableLookup cannot GC

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Sadly, there is another way preferences::GetBool thinks it can GC: it calls InitStaticMembers, which goes through a FieldCall. At least in our system, we use the preferences to start up JS, so we're certainly not going to run JS code to figure out prefs.

I don't know if including things in js/... is kosher here, though.
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Landed a temporary annotation for InitStaticMembers. Will remove it if the AutoAssertNoGC patch gets r+.
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Preferences::InitStaticMembers does not GC in our world

The assert is incorrect. The prefservice can and does use JS via autoconfig files in Preferences::Init.
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If it can GC, then we'd better stop claiming that it cannot.
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The hazard would seem to be real, then. Sprinkle some rooting around to fix it.
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preference service can GC

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Duplicate of this bug: 949887
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Duplicate of this bug: 949888
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Root before preference checking

Fix the "unused" bits in the header too, and r=me
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