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4 years ago
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4 years ago
In order to make it easier to contribute to our build & test infrastructure we should make it easy to trigger own builds by listening to something like or tbpl logs.

For example when a try build is submitted, it should be possible to receive notifications for every infrastructure step in order to trigger own tests, etc.

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4 years ago
I've identified two infrastructure steps that produces reusable output:
 (A) Pushes of source code to some repository (produces source code to build),
 (B) Build of a push finished and tests ready to run (produces binaries to run)

I've hooked into pulse, extracted pushes to try and requests to run unittests for try linux64, see demo:
(Other tasks logs changes on other branches).

This discards all messages about slaves starting, executing and finishing various steps.
There is one minor annoyance/bug here, a try push with "try -b do -p all -u none -t none", won't produce any (B)-messages, because no tests are to be run.
Short-term I think this is okay, long-term we might want to let try accept arguments like --thirdparty "<arbitrary string>" and then hack BuildBot to send a pulse message when a build with that argument is finished.

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4 years ago
Talked to catlee and we apparently can already add arguments to try, ie. a push with "try -b do -p all -u none -t none --hack blabla" works. Futhermore, such a push will also generated a change notification on the virtual branch: try-<platform>-(debug|opt)-unittest

So forget the minor annoyance/bug I mentioned above, it just works :)

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3 years ago
Fixed long time ago... it's called build-coordinator there is a broken deployment of it on heroku.
I'll probably bring it to life again when integrating with pulse...
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