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As part of bug 939834 I've just landed some productization changes to mozilla-aurora and wanted to merge Aurora down to Central.

Problem is that merge ends with several unresolved conflicts. 

How do you work on repositories? Which one is you main repository (aurora, beta, central)?

For now I manually ported my changes to l10n-central, but it would be better to merge and use the right procedures to move strings between repositories.
Sorry, Francesco.

I worked in central. Then I moved the strings (files) between repositories manually (from central to aurora). Beginning of the year I have not been translated. Today I will try to translate again.

If you need anything, let me know. I'll change my method of work and maybe I may need to know something.
Where do you plan to work? On Aurora or Central?
I don't know.

Where is the best place for working?
I suggest to work on mozilla-aurora. Files there change every 6 weeks, while on l10n-central they change much more frequently. Also Firefox is a bit behind (last sign-off is for Firefox 21), so better to start on mozilla-aurora and try to catch up.

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4 years ago
You could even go as far as to work on beta now, get that green. Merge with aurora, and then work on that, get that green. Merge to central. Then you can still make up your mind if you want to spend time to keep up with central, or if you just continue on aurora.
Ok. I will work in beta until get that green. Then I will work in Aurora.
I stumbled upon merge conflicts again. 

Enrique, would be it ok to merge aurora and central and keep the content of Aurora in both repositories?
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Hi Francesco.

I am sorry. I have not haven time for updating the products.

You can do whatever you need. For me no problem.

I will translate in the beta channel as soon as possible. And when I finish in beta, I will translate in aurora.

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OK, now Aurora and Central are merged. So, please don't commit directly to l10n-central ;-)

My suggestion would be to work on Aurora more than Beta.
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