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Design an desktop UI to allow community members to create Collections and Articles for The Feed.


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User testing of desktop prototype for creating user collections is complete. Below you'll find a link to the prototype, key takeaways, and recommendations for iterating on the design. Next step will be to finalize the mobile UI for collections (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=941161). 

Evaluate the experience and user understanding of creating a group of apps and sharing the group with the Marketplace community on the desktop. The test will identify pain points with the user flow and discoverability of user collections. We also want to get feedback on potential names for the feature (collections, lists, etc.)

1. Create a group of apps called “Cool Games” and add the game “Cut the Rope” to it. Include a description "My favorite games" to the group.
2. Publish the list of apps you just created so that it is visible to anyone in the Firefox Marketplace.


Flow of creating groups, adding an app to a group and sharing the group made sense to participants
All participants were able to accomplish the tasks, creating a group of apps, adding an app to a group, and sharing the group with the community successfully. Some users found “My Lists” and created a list there. Others went to the app details page, creating and adding the app to the group from their.

People had difficulty finding the feature.
Most users looked under “My Apps” instead of “My Lists.” After the test some suggested that the feature be under “My Apps.”

Participants preferred the name “collections” for the feature
In the prototype the featured was called “lists.” People commented that they preferred the name “collections” as lists sounded like a text-only group like a grocery list.

Participants had difficulty finding the bottom toolbar to make the list public.
Though standard on mobile applications, users had difficulty finding the toolbar at the bottom of the list page that allowed them to make the list public.

Iterate on the current design. Make the following changes:
	• Rename feature to “Collections.”
	• Consider moving the feature under “My Apps”
	• Consider removing toolbars at bottom and embedding functionality (adding to collection, sharing, etc) into the page itself
	• Consider making graphic itself editable. Many users clicked on it thinking it was editable.
	• Improve inline editing functionality. Make it more obvious that field is editable and easier to save changes (click away or include save button). 
       • Research Ebay’s “Add to Collection” feature and look at flows for adding songs to playlists for inspiration.

Additional raw notes can be found in the Google doc: https://docs.google.com/a/mozilla.com/document/d/15mKGX52-weGQXV7USfBzickyko83x0QZvSGjxQC4vAU/edit
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