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Set TINDERBOX_OUTPUT on all branches


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Not set


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Currently, TINDERBOX_OUTPUT is set on some branches, but not all of them. It would be good to have it set everywhere.

It used to be used by codesighs to output specific data during tinderbox builds. I'm going to use it to output auto clobber info in bug 941506. I'm sure there are other similar opportunities for having the build system output some TinderboxPrint things.
Component: Release Automation → General Automation
QA Contact: bhearsum → catlee
Can we rename it, please? We're trying to kill "Tinderbox" as a thing.
Whatever floats your boat. But we have several TinderboxPrint in the tree.
Continuing to use the same name is no worse than where we are today, so I suggest we don't block on the rename and instead file a separate bug to track that.  Are you okay with that, Ben?
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It seems like an opportune time to change it, or at least add a better named thing that we can start slowly moving towards. But I'm not going to block on it.
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Can I take this as a go to land bug 941506 as is?
glandium: yes, please go ahead.  I've filed bug 946691 to track renaming the variable.
Can this be done now, please? This completely got off my mind, and now both bug 941506 (autoclobber notification) and bug 927672 (mozmake for windows) are relying on this variable being set to distinguish between local builds and automation. The latter would make windows builds significantly faster as soon as TINDERBOX_OUTPUT is defined on all the windows builds (fortunately, opt builds have it, but e.g. debug builds don't).
Blocks: 927672
in production.
Blocks: 990739
Closed: 8 years ago
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