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5 years ago
Found this in the event log of the Tableau server this morning while investigating an issue w/ the server talking to any other machine. 


+ System 

  - Provider 

   [ Name]  HP System 
  - EventID 1001 

   [ Qualifiers]  49152 
   Level 2 
   Task 4 
   Keywords 0x80000000000000 
  - TimeCreated 

   [ SystemTime]  2013-11-22T16:34:04.000000000Z 
   EventRecordID 81861 
   Channel System 
   Computer tableau1 

- EventData 

   Power-On-Self-Test (POST) errors occurred during the last system startup. 
   Check the Power-On-Self-Test (POST) errors, and take corrective action as needed. 
   AlertingElementFormat: 1 0x1 (Other) AlertType: 5 0x5 (Device Alert) Description: "Power-On-Self-Test (POST) errors occurred during the last system startup." EventCategory: 4 0x4 (System Hardware) EventID: "1" EventTime: "20131122163404.167000+000" ImpactedDomain: 4 0x4 (System) IndicationIdentifier: "{C76B58C2-BBED-442A-B532-72CB520658C3}" IndicationTime: "20131122083403.465000-480" NetworkAddresses[0]: "fe80::9199:c619:dc73:c570%16" NetworkAddresses[1]: "" NetworkAddresses[2]: "fe80::1075:8f85:45bf:fb8%13" NetworkAddresses[3]: "" OSType: 103 0x67 (Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2) OSVersion: "6.1.7601" PerceivedSeverity: 5 0x5 (Major) ProbableCause: 8 0x8 (Configuration/Customization Error) ProbableCauseDescription: "POST Errors Occurred" ProviderName: "HP POST" ProviderVersion: "" RecommendedActions[0]: "Check the Power-On-Self-Test (POST) errors, and take corrective action as needed." Summary: "POST errors occurred" SystemCreationClassName: "HP_WinComputerSystem" SystemFirmwareVersion[0]: "2012.02.25" SystemFirmwareVersion[1]: "2012.02.21" SystemGUID: "36303736-3333-584D-5132-313730324851" SystemModel: "ProLiant DL360p Gen8" SystemName: "tableau1" SystemProductID: "670633-S01" SystemSerialNumber: "MXQ21702HQ" TIME_CREATED: 130296116441679472 0x1cee7a0a81e8670 VariableNames[0]: "POST Error Code" VariableNames[1]: "POST Error String" VariableTypes[0]: 3 0x3 (uint8) VariableTypes[1]: 1 0x1 (string) VariableValues[0]: "223" VariableValues[1]: "POST Error: 1716-Slot X Drive Array - Unrecove"  
   For more information, please contact HP Support.
To highlight the key components of this error, which might otherwise be difficult to see:

EventTime: "20131122163404.167000+000"
"POST Error: 1716-Slot X Drive Array - Unrecove"
Moving to IT triage queue.
Assignee: infra → server-ops
Component: Infrastructure: Other → Server Operations
Product: Infrastructure & Operations →
QA Contact: jdow → shyam

Comment 3

5 years ago
The full error, from iLo, is:

POST Error: 1716-Slot X Drive Array - Unrecoverable Media Errors Detected on Drives during previous Rebuild or Background Surface Analysis (ARM) scan. Errors will be fixed automatically when the sector(s) are overwritten.

I've not seen that particular error before but the last sentence implies that no further action is needed.

Normally I'd check the drive/controller status via the management app on the host OS but I've no idea about doing that on a Windows box.

Comment 4

5 years ago
Does this host have RAIDed disks?


4 years ago
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME


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Assignee: server-ops → pradcliffe
Product: → Graveyard
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