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tabs module tabs.on('activate') does not fire when Firefox Options->Tabs->Open New Windows in New Tab instead is unchecked (edit) and new window is opened or new tabs are created that way


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Steps to reproduce:

main.js contains this code:
		SDK.tabs.on('activate', function (tab) {

If opening new window or switching to a tab, hai is printed in console.

Went to change this option: Firefox Options->Tabs->Open New Windows in New Tab instead -- its unchecked now.  Went on and clicked on support (new window will be opened now). First page looks fine, now create a few tabs there: CTRL + T -- as you can see hai is no longer printed for the window that "support click" open window when you switch the tabs.

Actual results:

hai is not printed because event never gets fired for the windows that are opened through that option.

Expected results:

event should have fired
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Someone should look into it (it's not quite what I though it was during triage) & we should set a priority
on next triage.
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This appears to be broken still on Firefox 40

A couple updates for testing. The preference is now located under "General > Open new windows in a new tab instead" and on the you can click the "Support Forums" link to reproduce
In accordance with Jacobo Aragunde Pérez this bug should be fixed by bug 993015; but it would need tests.
Closed: 6 years ago
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