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We have built a business card generator at, which is similar in functionality to the now defunct card generator at

William Reynolds has suggested to integrate API in it to pull profile data for card generation. So please allow an API key for the application.

No data will be stored by the application.
App is open sourced at
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5 years ago
Any progress on this? The card generator is going really well, would be good if we can proceed with its implementation :)
Saurabh, thanks for your API request. Right now our API policy only allows Mozilla Corporation sites to access personal information like name, location, email ID, and Twitter / Facebook accounts. We know this is limiting and not ideal. We are starting work to change the API policy so that developers like yourself can have greater access to the API.

If you would like to play around with the API, you can set it up on your local environment [0] or I can create an API key to our development server that has an anonymized database.

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