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Steps to reproduce:

There is an annoying page flash (within .1s) whenever I focus on/blur from an input field, where the page skip to a different scrollTop value then returns to the original scrollTop.

Note that I am not talking about the normal focus scroll (where input is at the bottom half of the screen when IME opens), that works fine. In my scenario page skips no matter focus scroll occur or not.

I can reproduce this issue on all pages with Firefox 25 and Firefox 26 beta. I do not observe such behaviour on Chrome or Opera.

Actual results:

Page skips when IME open/close

Expected results:

Page should not skip, unless it's scrolling to make input appear on screen.

Comment 1

5 years ago
I have recorded 2 video for comparison

Firefox v28 nightly (same behaviour in v25 stable/v26 beta)

Chrome beta

(I can reproduce it on any input box, but the jump/flash is more noticeable when the page is long, so i have picked a local demo)
Seems like a long-standing issue but maybe device specific. I just tried this on a large-screen Galaxy Note II and noticed no flicker or page skiping at all.

Which device are you testing with? And can you provide a reproducible page so we can try it out.
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Comment 3

5 years ago
weird, i am using samsung galaxy note 2 as well (capture those videos with it).

My OS version is 4.1.2, but since i am using a localized variant of galaxy note 2, i can't upgrade beyond 4.1.x

I can reproduce it on every web page, for example, the search bar on this blog: (it's default wordpress theme, should be easy to debug if necessary)
Similar to bug 868500 and bug 876046
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