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Need to call SetPreserveWrapperCallback on workers


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Not set





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Currently this is being done only on the main thread, which means on workers we'll end up discarding live weakmap keys under some circumstances.  A slightly different callback will be needed as I think the existing one refers to XPC-only concepts.
Duplicate of this bug: 989668
Jesse has a test case in bug 989668.
Duplicate of this bug: 1073154
People are apparently actually hitting this, so I should fix it.
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This fixes the crash in Jesse's test case.  PreserveWrapper can't be shared between worker and main thread because on the main thread we have to reject XPConnect reflectors.

I should probably port over the mainthread test of this stuff, so we have some checking of correctness and not just that it doesn't crash...
This is just a basic test, but the code is basically the same as main thread so it should be ok.

Basically, we need to preserve wrappers on DOM bindings stuff used as
weak map keys, because otherwise wrapper optimization can throw them
out, which just makes them disappear.

The main thread version of this code has to detect and ignore XPConnect wrappers, but we shouldn't have to worry about that on workers.

If you are curious, the test that guards this call is in TryPreserveReflector(), in js/src/jsweakmap.cpp

try run:
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