Notify JS implemented Event Target when an event listener is added / removed



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Whenever a Gaia application adds / removes event listeners , JS implementation of EventTargets should be notified


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Avoid adding more callback magic to codegen, but just hack this into
DETH and require webidl interface to implement 
[ChromeOnly] void eventListenerAdded(nsIAtom? aEventNameWithOnPrefix);
[ChromeOnly] void eventListenerRemoved(nsIAtom? aEventNameWithOnPrefix);

Passing nsIAtom isn't super nice for js impl, but since we normally
don't have this stuff called, I'd prefer to not convert the param to
string (nor remove on-prefix)
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dump "on" + eventname to terminal when listener is added to PeerConnection
> Passing nsIAtom isn't super nice for js impl

How about we just special-case it in BindingUtils.h like we do nsIVariant and convert it to a string JS value at that point?
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OK, I think I've convinced myself that you shouldn't end up with an exception that needs cleanup on rv in these cases (because your compartment is null and because the callback codegen won't throw strings that need deallocating).

So r=me if we either make nsIAtom convert to string or if you just make this take a DOMString and use nsDependentAtomString, which should be pretty cheap.
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Ok, I'll make webidl methods take DOMString and then the param should be
without on prefix.
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patch, using strings
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example v2
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Comment 9

4 years ago
Backed out because of build bustage:
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Different method name
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example v3
Bah, looks like possible exceptions need to be cleared.
ErrorResult is so unfriendly for C++ callers :/
> ErrorResult is so unfriendly for C++ callers :/

Bug 933378.

But in this case, see comment 4?
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Not pretty, but since we currently have the rather strong assertions in
ErrorResult, so have to call WouldReportJSException()
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Hmm.  Maybe the right thing is to change to be:

   if ((mCompartment && mExceptionHandling == eRethrowContentExceptions) ||
       mExceptionHandling == eRethrowExceptions) {

because ShouldRethrowException always returns false if !mCompartment.

r=me either way, but seems like that would be nicer API-wise.
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Aha, that is nicer. Wasn't too obvious.
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compartment check
No, that's wrong.  eRethrowExceptions rethrows unconditionally, no matter what mCompartment is.  So the mCompartment check should be attached only to the eRethrowContentExceptions case, as in comment 15.
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