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[FTE] Location selection input hackish



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4 years ago
20 days ago


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4 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

Buy phone. Unbox phone (ZTE Open). First time experience runs, I am asked for my location.

Actual results:

I get asked for location through a stupendous series of hackish dropdowns with apparently no intelligent defaults.

Expected results:

I should have an intelligent default selected through some combination of:
 (1) GPS
 (2) GeoIP
 (3) GSM network identity
 (4) SIM network identity
 (5) Or failing that, maybe even device serial number (depending upon vendor / distribution channels)

In terms of the input mechanism, probably the series of dropdowns should go and something better (eg. current selection is shown, clicking takes the user through a process of altering it on other screens before returning to the original screen) should replace it. 

However, even if it doesn't go, some basic frequency assumptions could be made .. for instance through population based weighting or GPS distance from lat-long of the asserted central position of the TZ (this data is TZ DB available).

Realistically, if this is being used to set timezone (which it seems to be), then double-check the origin of the actual timezone data and ensure that the data source is one which includes metazones, such as CLDR / ICU. These possible origins and a proposed solution from last year are discussed in my notes on bug 841934

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20 days ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: 20 days ago
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