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Steps to reproduce:

The body element is set to "relative". I have an absolutely positioned element within a position static container. For some reason, the position absolute element is bound by the position static element... which should not be the case.

This only happens in Firefox (and every version of FF I've tested, both Windows and Mac). In every other browser it works as expected, even IE8.

Here is the staging site:

The absolutely positioned element is: ul#secondary-navigation

Actual results:

Absolutely positioned element is being positioned within its static parent... not the position relative body.

Expected results:

Absolutely positioned element should be positioned relative to the body element.
I see nothing resembling your Firefox screenshot in either a Firefox nightly or Firefox 25.

Which Firefox version are you using?  Is this a problem in safe mode?
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5 years ago
My main dev browser is Firefox 25.0.1 on OS X 10.9

I have tested this on a few different versions of FF on Windows XP, 7, and 8.1 ... however, I just tried FF 4.0 on Windows 7 using Browser Stack and the element was rendered properly! My free trial expired immediately after :( so I couldn't continue testing.

Also, I just relaunched FF in safe mode and still, the same issue where the element is not positioned properly.

I hope this information is sufficient. If there is anything more I can provide please let me know.

Is this still an Issue?
On my site this is WFM against Firefox 24 ESR & Trunk on Windows 7 with HWA on/off.
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