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4 years ago
We need some tooling to:
* Setup prebaked AMIs with visual studio, mozbuild, icecream, ccache, etc ready to build Firefox
* Spin these up using developer creds
* Take regular snapshots and allow going back in time to start an instance from such a snapshot
* Automatically shut these down after some idle period
* Allow developers to bump their instance type up/down as needed.

These would exist as an alternative to buy developers overspecced laptops, desktops and machines running a platform they rarely use.

Benefits to developer:
* presetup images, no wasting a week setting up a dev env, easy resets, etc
* integrate into our cloud infra(global ccache, distributed compilation, push to your own try-server equiv, etc)
* frequent snapshots to easily recover(or fork) work
* ability to scale computing capacity up/down, sideways

Benefits to mozilla:
* ~ $1000/year for a node heavily utilized during workhours, cheaper or more expensive depending dev needs

Some web dev outfits do this kind of stuff already.
I have a Windows server 8 AMI with VS2010 and mozilla build on the ap-northeast-1 zone. It could be copied to other zones.
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