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Before the redesign launch we added the term HTML5, i.e. "HTML & HTML5" and it resulted in a higher click-through. I suggest we add it to the redesigned MDN as well.
Summary of my opinion (posted on IRC initially) [as requested by Maris]:
1. We deemphasize HTML5/CSS3 inside the pages. We indicate it in Specification boxes, but no more in banners.
2. We do SEO for HTML5 and CSS3 (we have specific pages for these), because people are looking for these words.
3. Opinion: we should have them (the word and the link to the specific HTML5/CSS3 pages) on the MDN home page (as people will look at them there)
So we de-emphasize them, but we don't obliterate them.

I proposed "HTML & HTML5" (two links) and "CSS & CSS3" (two links) on the landing page where now is HTML5 and CSS3
What is "the landing page where now is HTML5 and CSS3" ? The home page?
Yes and yes (the home page).
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Are we tracking this fix's effect on the click-through rate?  Do we have a baseline?

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fix bug 948439 - add HTML5 and CSS3 links
Merge pull request #1748 from groovecoder/buzzwords-bingo-948439

fix bug 948439 - add HTML5 and CSS3 links


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Hmm ... we can track the click-thru rate in GA so we can always create a GA report on it later if someone challenges the decision.

I'm personally confident enough in the change based on the A/B test metrics though.
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