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Use seconds for defining time in Marionette Python client


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Using seconds to define time durations in Python is considered good
practice in the standard library.  Honouring this in the Marionette
Python client will reduce the chance of conversion errors.

As :davehunt points out changing this behaviour in Marionette will
need to be carefully managed, or consumers will be waiting a thousand
times longer than they'd expect!

Bug 850881 also relies heavily on the use of the time library, for
which convering input and output to the class would be a real concern.
Whiteboard: [good first bug][lang=py][mentor=ato] will need updating as well as and

This will need the following try pushes 

try: -b do -p linux,macosx64,win32,linux_gecko,linux64_gecko -u marionette,marionette-webapi,gaia-ui-test -t none
try: -b do -p emulator,panda -u marionette-webapi -t none
Hi, I wish to fix this bug. Please guide me through the process.
Hi Subhendu,

Follow the steps on to get firefox built.

Make the change as mentioned in comment 1. We need to be explicit with our imports and then follow for running the tests.

Hope that helps!
Hi, is anybody working on this task?
(In reply to akruglov from comment #4)
> Hi, is anybody working on this task?

Heya Sasha!  Subhendu might be, from comment 2?
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Hi, Yes i am working on this bug. Sorry for replying so late.
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hi, i get this error while building simple_firefox_build. How do i resolve it?

[subho@localhost mozilla-central]$ ./mach build
 0:00.33 /usr/bin/gmake -f -s
 0:00.43 Adding options from /home/subho/work/mozilla/mozilla-central/mozconfig:
 0:00.43     FOUND_MOZCONFIG := /home/subho/work/mozilla/mozilla-central/mozconfig
 0:00.45 /home/subho/work/mozilla/mozilla-central/ *** Could not find autoconf 2.13.  Stop.
 0:00.45 gmake: *** [build] Error 2
 0:00.49 0 compiler warnings present.

You are missing the prerequisites for building Firefox. has what you will need for your OS.
Specifically you can do `apt-get install autoconf 2.13` on any Debian based distro.
Thanks David and Andreas, i installed all the prerequisites and now the firefox build is running fine.
Assignee: nobody → subho.prp
Mentor: kazus
Whiteboard: [good first bug][lang=py][mentor=ato] → [good first bug][lang=py]
In the above patch i have made changes for the unit of function arguments from ms to seconds. Also i have changed all files affected (i think) by the unit changes. Now in there is only one function which takes arguments in ms and i.e flick in class Action.

Was this i supposed to do ?. Now if it is going right then i can change units in flick function also and test it with try server with the pushes David gave in comment 1.
Is this bug still open? or patch has been accepted?
Resetting mentor to ato, needinfo'ing ato to take a look at the patch.
Mentor: kazus → ato
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I did a quick review of the current internal users of the public API timeout methods and arguments.  I also looked at internal references to timeouts and conversions, and came up with this non-exhaustive list of things which are not addressed by the attached patch:

- timeout argument to Marionette class constructor
- socket_timeout argument to  Marionette class constructor
- Marionette.execute_js_script's script_timeout and inactivity_timeout arguments
- Marionette.execute_script's script_timeout argument
- Marionette.execute_async_script's script_timeout argument
- Uses in,,,,,, runner/,, and

Considering the number of things that needs to change, not only for Marionette directly but for the programs depending on it, I have reservations about proceeding with this bug.

The Selenium WebDriver Python client already uses seconds which are converted to milliseconds and using that against Marionette should not be a problem.
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Removing as good first bug and will start work on this.
Assignee: subho.prp → dburns
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should we keep :ato as the mentor here?
If :automatedtester is picking it up, then no.
Mentor: ato
closing this as only internal users would use it and the quirk has been around for some time
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Well, for quite a while it works great from the Marionette Python client to set timeouts via seconds. The conversion to milliseconds will happen internally in ``. So reading the originally filed request this should be a WFM.
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