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David Kassack:

"Since Mozilla is the first storefront to implement the system, there are a few things that still need to be worked out on our end.  One of them is the display of ratings.  While all rating authorities firmly believe in the value of Interactive Elements, we do not have unified agreement on how they should be displayed.  Here is a little background, followed by my thoughts on their display.

ESRB - Would like Interactive Elements displayed.  We have our own branded icons, which can be used.  We also are comfortable with Interactive Elements displayed in text form.

PEGI - Would like Interactive Elements displayed.  PEGI has their own branded icons (different from ESRB), which can be used.  They also are comfortable with Interactive Elements displayed in text form.

USK - Would like Interactive Elements displayed.  USK does not have their own branded icons.  They are comfortable with Interactive Elements displayed in text form (in German).

CLASSIND - Sees the value of Interactive Elements, but can't have them appear as part of the CLASSIND rating.  To add them as an official descriptor, it would require legislation.  They can be displayed if they are obviously not part of the CLASSIND rating.

Due to the inconsistency, we are completely flexible as to how Mozilla presents the information.  Mozilla can use the icons, can use only text or a mix of both.  However, icons should only be used for ESRB and PEGI if you choose to do so, and CLASSIND can only have them displayed if it is obvious that they are not part of their rating.

My apologies for the inconsistency.  IARC is a new entity that is just launching.  Over the coming months I'm sure we will nail down our consolidated display requirements, but at this time, I leave it up to Mozilla to decide the best way to inform consumers."


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I am trying to get final approval from all rating authorities and should have it soon.  Attached please find our best attempt at an approved template for rating display for all rating authorities.  I understand if it is too late to implement.

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4 years ago
Interactive Elements

Portuguese Translation - 

Users Interact	        Interação entre Usuários
Shares Info	        Compartilha Dados
Shares Location	        Compartilha sua Localização
Digital Purchases	Compras dentro do Aplicativo

German Translation

Users Interact          Interaktion zwischen Nutzern
Shares Info             Weitergabe von Daten
Shares Location         Weitergabe des Standortes
Digital Purchases       Onlinekäufe

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TODO: make spacing prettier in tweener device sizes.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
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4 years ago
Please add STR here or mark it with [qa-] if no QA is needed.
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4 years ago

1. Go to https://marketplace-dev.allizom.org/app/draw-nothing/ (an app with content ratings + interactive elements).
2a. View in US region.
2b. View in Brazil region.
2c. View in Germany region.
2d. View in Spanish region.
2e. View in Montenegro region.


2a: Interactive elements (e.g. Shares Info, Users Interact) displayed with ESRB icons.
2b. Interactive elements not displayed for CLASSIND.
2c. Interactive elements displayed in text form.
2d. Interactive elements displayed with blue PEGI icons.
2e. Interactive elements displayed in text form.


Interactive elements are displayed with icons no matter the case.
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4 years ago
Verified as fixed in https://marketplace-dev.allizom.org/ on FF29 (Win 7).
Postfix screencast http://screencast.com/t/IM7hEjNKWbE
Closing bug.

Comment 8

4 years ago
Just took a look at the screencast in comment 7, when the Brazilian (CLASSIND) rating is displayed, the content descriptors are in English, not Portuguese.  Can this be adjusted?

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4 years ago
Also, this may just be an example, but is it correct that the German rating is "0" with no descriptors and all the rest are max ("18+" or "AO") with many descriptors?

Comment 10

4 years ago
David, thanks for the catches.

The content descriptors will be displayed in Portuguese when the user's language or region's language is Portuguese.

The German rating issue you mention has just been fixed (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=951036). It should have said "Rating Refused".
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