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Download progress window keeps appearing for private windows despite preference set to not open anything.


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SeaMonkey 2.22 Branch
Windows XP
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Steps to reproduce:

My preferences read : 
When starting a download : don't open anything;
Just flash the download manager if it is open.

The following happens when working in "private window".

Actual results:

Every time I download something via file save as or right-click, save target as, or save image as, a progress window is opened. And it stays open until I manually close it. 
It ignores the prefs, and it does not have settings to tell SM not to open them anymore, or to automatically close upon completion. 

Expected results:

No progress window to open, as noted in prefs. 
This happens since upgrading to 2.22 branch. Currently running 2.22.1. 
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Summary: download progress window keeps appearing → Download progress window keeps appearing for private windows despite preference set to not open anything.
This appears deliberate:

(from bug 833015 comment #1)

> * Added support for the aIsPrivate parameter - necessary to force progress
>   dialogs because private downloads don't show in the download manager

See Also: → 833015
Whiteboard: [WONTFIX?]
Currently progress dialogs are the only UI we have for private downloads, as they don't appear in the download manager.

Firefox has since rewritten their download UI at least twice, but I believe they track downloads per browser. I don't know what Firefox does if you close a private window before its downloads have all finished though.

Unless someone can come up with a better UI for private downloads then this is WONTFIX or maybe even INVALID.
IIRC the new javascript API used by Firefox allows you to query for both private downloads and for public downloads.
Only for active private downloads, same as the old API. (We could have put active private downloads in the download manager but it would have looked odd.)
I can only tell about the end-user usefulness, usability and experience, and I have say that this is what the ultimate goal of any software is, right? 

What I can definitely say about this behaviour of SM is that it is annoying, time consuming and puts workload on the user him/herself. 
Ok, for one or two downloads it isn't much, but do it a bit more then that and your workspace will fill up with download progress windows that you have to individually seek out and close by hand.

I do not know what changed in the inside of SM in it's most recent versions, but it must be fixed somehow, in a user friendly way.

Thank you.
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