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Enable mochitest-metro tests on Aurora for Windows 8


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Windows 8.1
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These tests aren't running on aurora, but we have metro enabled there. Also fx28 is on aurora, and that's the train we're rolling out with.
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try push to make sure they're green -
Armen, can you help us get this assigned? We're uplifting a lot of work to aurora yet we have no metro test coverage there. Not a good situation to be in.
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This adds the metro unittests to Aurora and will make it ride into any branch that it has version gecko 28.

Diff from
--- old_list.txt	2013-12-17 11:06:49.884091805 -0500
+++ new_list.txt	2013-12-17 11:06:06.964091569 -0500
@@ -509,4 +509,6 @@ WINNT 6.2 mozilla-aurora pgo test reftes
 WINNT 6.2 mozilla-aurora opt test jetpack UnittestPackagedBuildFactory
 WINNT 6.2 mozilla-aurora pgo test jetpack UnittestPackagedBuildFactory
+WINNT 6.2 mozilla-aurora opt test mochitest-metro-chrome ScriptFactory
+WINNT 6.2 mozilla-aurora pgo test mochitest-metro-chrome ScriptFactory
 WINNT 6.2 mozilla-aurora debug test mochitest-1 ScriptFactory
 WINNT 6.2 mozilla-aurora debug test mochitest-2 ScriptFactory
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looks good to me :)
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This will be live when the person in buildduty will update all of the buildbot masters. This will happen this week and they are likely to make a comment on the bug saying "live in production".

At that point, this bug will be resolved and you can look in Mozilla-Aurora to see the metro test jobs.
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Thanks Armen!
mochitst-metro-chrome is running and green on Aurora now.  \o/
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In production.
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