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Search box in Facebook not behaving properly in Tablet mode


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On my Surface Pro 2, tablet mode. Win 8.1.

Open Facebook, log in, and I want to type something in the 'search' box. I tap in the search box and the OSK comes up. I type in one letter (great). Then the keyboard disappears and I can't get it to reappear. So I'm stuck with a 1-letter search term.

I flip the keyboard around, and I can continue typing. Need to fix the tablet experience.
This sounds similar to bug 929862; might be caused by the same underlying problem.
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As far as we can tell, this is a bug with facebook. The search input receives focus, at which point the os begins to display the skb. But as soon as the drop down menu is displayed, the input loses focus, and the skb falls away. Tracing the ui automation traffic and dom indicate we aren't switching focus around. Appears to be an incompatibility between tablets running metrofx that use soft keyboard for input.
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FYI, added to the tech evangelism facebook meta bug (bug 759986)
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I've noticed this also when going through iteration #21 testing. I can reproduced the problem with both Nightly and Aurora builds. I've noticed that a gripper appears at the top left corner of the screen once the OSK disappears. (see the screenshot attached)

Just wanted to add a bit more information regarding this even though it sounds like a Facebook issue as per comment #2
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