contactsExported2: use {{total}} as variable instead of {{exported}}



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See bug 936889 where the strings landed.

Firefox OS 1.2 current en-US l10n repository:


contactsExported2        = {[ plural(exported) ]}
contactsExported2[zero]  = No contacts exported
contactsExported2[one]   = {{exported}}/{{total}} contacts exported
contactsExported2[two]   = {{exported}}/{{total}} contacts exported
contactsExported2[few]   = {{exported}}/{{total}} contacts exported
contactsExported2[many]  = {{exported}}/{{total}} contacts exported
contactsExported2[other] = {{exported}}/{{total}} contacts exported

Please check if this should really use |exported| as variable because in German and in my opinion also English, singular vs. plural for "contacts" depends on |total|:

"1/10 contacts exported" => "1 out of 10 contacts exported"
Those strings are a bit of a compromise. Having said that, I'm not sure that saying "1/1 contacts exported" is wrong in English.

And I think that having "exported" as key for the plural form is correct, even if you want to rearrange the string: "1 contact exported out of 10", "2 contacts exported out of 10", etc.
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