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In gesture_detector.js we currently have code to handle mouse events, but we already convert mouse->touch in the touch helper in gecko. This code can probably go.


4 years ago
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4 years ago
Hi Jan, Can I get assigned to this bug?
And I have a doubt, do we need to remove js file and its link in all other files because it contains mouse events only.
Hi Vaishnav, I've assigned you to this bug.

The file 'shared/js/gesture_detector.js' contains some code regarding mouse-events (mousedown, mousemove, mouseup). That code can be removed. The gesture_detector.js file is the only file you'll need to touch.

Please ping me on (#gaia or #b2g, @janjongboom) if you need assistance. Or post a new comment here and set 'Need more information from' to me.
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4 years ago
Thanks Jan, let me dive deeper into this file now.
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4 years ago
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pull request.txt

Pull request :
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Sorry that I didn't take a look at this PR yet, it's due to the holidays. It's first thing on my list on January 2nd.
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pull request.txt

Thanks :Ram, almost there.

* Line 69: this.listeningForMouseEvents = true, should be removed, not commented out
* Line 65: this.options.mousePanThreshold = and 66, should be removed
* Line 165: GD.MOUSE_PAN_THRESHOLD = 15;, same
* Line 193: 'mousedown' should be removed from array
* function mouseCoordinates(e) { can be removed
* On top of the file, the description contains a lot of references to mouse. Can we remove that?

There is also a unit test in gallery that currently fails due to these changes, but I'll fix those before landing.

Can you make these changes, and re-push? Thanks!
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4 years ago
Created attachment 8355176 [details] [review]

Thanks, I have fixed above things also, kindly have a look into new pull request.
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Thanks Ram, I fixed the tests; so let's see if the build passes.
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r=janjongboom. :Ram, thanks for your contribution!

Landed in
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4 years ago
Do I need to do anything else also ?
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I'll take a look at why the tests busted.

Comment 14

4 years ago
Jan, Do you have any update on this?
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Rebased the code and now running all the tests.
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Created attachment 8469154 [details] [review]
Rebased PR
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Try is green. Merged again

Sorry that it took so long for me to get back to this...
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
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