Need MDN docs for "dev-doc-needed" bugs in the "JavaScript Engine" component




5 years ago
5 years ago


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I looked. A lot of the hits are bogus, but here are some things that Bugzilla says need doc work that really could use some love:

 * bug 666396, bug 666399 - ES6 generators 
 * bug 725907 - ES6 for-of
 * bug 725909 - ES6 Map and Set: iterability
 * bug 817368 - ES6 Map and Set: .keys(), .values(), and .entries() methods
 * bug 730873 - ArrayBufferView.prototype.move (basically memmove for typed arrays)
 * bug 757676 - ES6 default parameters
 * bug 404734 - ES6 destructuring assignment of the form `{a, b} = object`
 * bug 574130 - ES6 array spread syntax: `[1, 2, ...iterable]`

I'm not working on this, but as always I'm happy to answer any questions.
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