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Make parameter for /commands accept real patterns


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Steps to reproduce:

Currently, /commands takes one parameter that is supposed to be a pattern.  Most users will assume this means wildcards or regular expression.  In fact, /commands will treat the parameter as a literal string and only search for commands that begin with that string.  So if you search for "ignore", "unignore" will be ignored (pun unintended).

I think at a very minimum that parameter should look for commands with the string anywhere in the command name.  So now "unignore" would be found in the above example.  A more advanced system would accept * and ? wildcards which would mean they some thing that they do in most OS command line interpreters.  (In that case, an * would be assumed to be at the start and end of entry string.)  Still more advanced would be to accept slash delimited regular expressions.  That option probably wouldn't be hard to implement as the platform would do most of the work.

Actual results:

It is hard to find commands when you have a lot of aliases.  /commands should do a better job of searching for the command you want.

Expected results:

/commands should accept a string that can be anywhere in the command name.
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