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Fix limiting of speculative connections


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Over in bug 948757, it was noted that a page with a lot of links could end up flooding a server with connections because of predict on link hover behavior from the seer. That bug has been fixed, but there is an underlying issue of improper limiting of any speculative connections that also needs fixed. The original patch also fixed the underlying issue, but caused mochitest-bc timeouts, so we decided to land a band-aid while filing a follow-up to fix the issues with the fix to the underlying issue. This is that bug.
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And of course now I can't reproduce the mochitest-bc timeouts from the original patch - (and previous failed try runs and m-i pushes have been removed from tbpl, so I can't try to debug from there).

IIRC, the timeouts were in some media-related tests, and Honza has said those are very unreliable anyway. That, plus my current lack of reproductions makes me want to say let's try this one again. If it fails on m-i, at least then I'll have a data point to look at to try to fix the issue.
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sorry about the delay. too many planes and meetings - not enough code time.

::: netwerk/protocol/http/nsHttpConnectionMgr.cpp
@@ +2596,4 @@
>      }
>      if (mNumHalfOpenConns < parallelSpeculativeConnectLimit &&
> +        ent->mIdleConns.Length() < parallelSpeculativeConnectLimit &&

I don't get it :(

parallelSpeculativeConnectLimit seems to always be 6 - either via the default pref value from httphandler when seer is not in use, or overloaded to 6 when the seer is in use.

so, assuming no seer, this change says Create a transport if there are less than 6 connections for the new transaction.. but if, again in the no-seer case, there is 1 idle connection then we don't want to be creating lots of connections - we just want to go ahead and use the one we've already got.

would it work to change this clause to

(ignoreidle && (ent->mIdleConns.Length() < parallelSpeculativeConnectLimit)) ||

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Ah, indeed, that would make much more sense :) Glad it bounced the last time, since we both missed that! I'll fix it up and throw a new patch against the wall to see if it sticks.
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Here's one, exact same clause you suggested. Running through try, let's see what breaks: (now in the right bug!)
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patch v2

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r=mcmanus assuming that try run finishes green
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Try is green, will land once everything opens again.
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