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Basic automated tests for Metro sessionstore component


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Firefox 29
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It would be useful to have some kind of testing that will ensure the desktop and metro sessionstore json files are compatible with one another.

Some session store tests already exist for desktop, but not for Metro.
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Summary: Add session store testing → Basic automated tests for Metro sessionstore component
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No longer blocks: metrov1it23
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I had to make some changes to SessionStore.js to make these tests pass:

* If getBrowserState is called after a new tab is added but before its session data is initialized, it is possible to end up with a "null" value in the "tabs" array.  This is probably fairly rare in regular use, but it happens very easily in automated tests.  This patch filters out tabs that do not yet have any __SS_data.

* While running tests, I found that the _orderedWindows array was never initialized.  I suspect this was because shouldRestore was not set correctly when onWindowOpen ran.  I'm not sure whether this ever happens in regular use or only in tests, but in any case this is fixed by initializing _orderedWindows unconditionally, and resetting it if we restore a session.
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part 1: getBrowserState tests and fixes

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looks good! thanks for writing these tests :)
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I'll land these and let this bug be resolved for now; we'll need more tests but I'll file separate bugs for them:
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Could you please give some guidance in order for the QA to verify this? Thanks!
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This change should affect only automated tests, no manual verification needed.
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