Pass browser locale in Firefox Accounts jelly URL?




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4 years ago
Do we need the about:accounts page to load a locale-specific version of the jelly URL, by including a query-argument with the preferred language?

It sounds like our server is currently extracting the "Language" header of the request for the purpose of deciding a language for the confirm-address email body. Does that header equal the browser's preferred UI language? Or do we need to add something else?
If you mean "Accept-Language", then no, that's not necessarily the browser's locale. Accept-Language is configurable. By default it's related to the browser locale, but it's not the same.

It's worth deciding what you want to do if these differ. Do you want to act like web content or like the browser? That is, if I'm requesting Spanish content, but I'm running an English Nightly build, should I get a Spanish login page?

It's also worth considering what to do if the two sets of locales we support are different. Our web content won't follow our usual in-product l10n process.

CCing Jeff and lxt to weigh in here, in case we've had to address this for FHR or other content-in-browser features.
Summary: pass browser locale/language in fxa jelly URL? → Pass browser locale in Firefox Accounts jelly URL?
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In sync with bug 955953 I think it would be easier to just send the Accept-Languages header (which we're doing already) as that will mostly match the browser's locale anyway and after all it is "web content" that we're showing.

People should activate sync only on machines they own and so it would be rather weird to assume they might have set an accepted language that they can't understand or even read.


4 years ago
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I'm going to WONTFIX this; obeying accept-lang seems fine. Maybe a little odd given how about:accounts is presented, but it doesn't seem like a big deal either way.
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