Flash object inside sdk/Panel content is created as a child the browser window



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Steps to reproduce:

1. Run attached main.js in Add-on Builder

2. It tries to show YouTube video in panel

Actual results:

YouTube video does not play. Not only flash videos but any flash element does not work.

Expected results:

Flash video must play.
I'd guess this has something to do with click-to-play?
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i can confirm this bug, and that it's *not* related to click-to-play, nor hardware acceleration, and that it manifests in both pre-australis and australis branches, and both on osx and windows.

also, youtube player makes it a bit harder to understand what is happening. use this url instead for the panel contentURL to get a better feeling:


it looks like a platform bug, because the plugin window seems to be attached to (a child of) the parent browser window, and not the panel window (try resizing the browser window to be smaller than the panel).
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this should probably be escalated to the platform team, but i don't know who to ping.

Wes, can you please find the right person?
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Summary: Flash in Addon Builder Panel has bugs → Flash object inside sdk/Panel content is created as a child the browser window
Dave, Gabor, do either of you know who to talk to about this? 

Is this at all related to bug 768651? (Doubt it since Builder probably doesn't use cfx)
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Probably I should take a look at this, but right now I'm quite flooded... The person who knows the most about all this is probably Benjamin Smedberg but I expect him to be even more flooded. Anyway let's see if he has any thoughts/ideas about what might be going here, Comment 2 is a great description I think to start from. I'm kind of afraid that the problem is that plugins need/expect a browser window, and since the panel is not a browser window, it tries to go up on the chain and finds the window the panel is attached to and uses that one. And then ofc not getting the right events from the browser window since it's not focused but the panel is. Or, panel is using the browser window to create the plugin instance, and that's why does it belong to that window.
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Comment 6

5 years ago
Is this windowed or windowless Flash? If you don't know, try adding wmode="opaque" to your <object> to see whether that fixes the problem.

Widget parenting for windowed-mode plugins is fragile in general.
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Waiting to see if that solves the problem
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Comment 8

5 years ago
Dave sorry but I do not have control over YouTube videos so I can not change wmode. If you have suggestion let me know. Also would not it be better Firefox detect and switch accordingly to wmode="opaque" when needed in Panels?
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Comment 9

5 years ago
Any progress on this please? It is really critical for my projects.

@Benjamin, I tested all possible wmode values, none helped.

It can be also tested by simply changing wmode URL parameter:

I think something preventing clicks to enter Flash area in Panels.
There is no progress on this problem, nobody is assigned to look at it, and as far as I know it's not a high priority.
Firefox Team C'om ...
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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