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When switching views, message source is displayed in the preview pane


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When changing between wide, classic and vertical views, the message in the preview pane is replaced by the source of that message.

This happens with my GMail IMAP account, but not my other IMAP account.
Hi Geoff,
It works fine with Thunderbird Daily in Mac OS X 10.9.1

Could you provide the screenshot
Here's a screenshot. The source is displayed as an HTML document, ie. links are displayed as links, HTML tags in the body of the message get displayed.

Further investigation reveals it's not just my GMail as I said earlier, there's a number of messages on both accounts that do it. I haven't been able to detect a pattern. Even very similar messages from the same host behave differently. Will continue looking.
You enabled to Show all the headers.

Try this

Goto View > Headers > Select[x] "Normal"
See Also: → 1485469
Severity: normal → S3
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