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URL: news: protocol causes ASSERT


(MailNews Core :: Networking: NNTP, defect, P5)

Windows NT


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(Reporter: bryce, Assigned: gagan)




(Whiteboard: awaiting feedback)

Ran into a PR_ASSERT when I clicked on a news link.


/* get a handle to a protocol implemenation
NET_ProtoImpl *
net_get_protocol_impl(int for_url_type)
	int count=0;

	/* if we ever get around to doing dynamic protocol loading
	 * this would be a good place to plug it in.
	 * just load a DLL with the implementation and
	 * return the handle.
	 * The integer URL_TYPE would need to be replaced with
	 * strings or some other identifier so that it can all be
	 * handled dynamically

	for(; count < net_number_of_proto_impls; count++)
		if(net_proto_impls[count].url_type == for_url_type)
			return net_proto_impls[count].impl;

/* >> */ PR_ASSERT(0);  /* should always find one */
	return NULL;

I hit the above assert line.

I'm guessing this is hit because the news client isn't available, right?
It'd be nice if instead of asserting, a dialog to this effect popped up.

I'm running WinNT4.0 SR3, on a 166MHz Dell Pentium with 64MB RAM and
200MB swap.  In addition to WinNT processes and mozilla, I am running
cdplayer.exe, MSACCESS, TASKMGR, MSDEV, CRT, PowerPoint, Netscape 4.06,
and a notepad-like editor.
Setting all current Open/Normal to M4.
setting paulmac as QA contact for all gagan's bugs (sorry for the spam)
Component: NetLib → Networking Library
Product: MozillaClassic → Browser
Version: 1998-09-04 → other
Target Milestone: M4 → M6
Marking till Necko lands...
cc-ing sspitzer, Mr. News.
Per DP's suggestion marking these till M8. Though Necko lands with M7, we will
be able to verify it for M8.
I'm moving this to target M9, Necko will be enabled somewhere during late M8 or
early M9.  We will need to get on this and it cannot be postponed past the M9
Changing all Networking Library/Browser bugs to Networking-Core component for

Occasionally, Bugzilla will burp and cause Verified bugs to reopen when I do
this in a bulk change.  If this happens, I will fix. ;-)
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Fixed with Necko.
Whiteboard: awaiting feedback
seems to just ignore it now - is this acceptable? I'm not sure what the
immediate plan is here. Anyone?
eventually, this should do what 4.x did:

news://host/article should bring up the article in a browser window.
news://host/group should open up messenger, and autosubscribe you to group at
the news server host.

none of this works yet, though.

these should be two seperate bugs, (one for host/group, one for host/article)
and logged against me.

I'll log these now.
bugs #11075 and #11076 logged against me.
thanks, seth. guess that covers it, marking this one verified i suppose
Bulk move of all Networking-Core (to be deleted component) bugs to new
Networking component.
news: URLs as implemented are do not follow RFC 1738 compliant, as described in
bug 133792.
Blocks: 130089
Summary: Missing news protocol causes ASSERT → URL: news: protocol causes ASSERT
-> mailnews.
Component: Networking → Networking: News
Product: Browser → MailNews
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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