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Animation performed on log in/off the group is hidden


(Instantbird :: Contacts window, defect)

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*** Original post on bio 202 at 2009-07-27 20:55:00 UTC ***

As discussed at BUG 953643 (bio 196) #4

The animation is performed even if the group is closed on adding a new
buddy (buddy.xml:146), we must check that the buddy is not collapsed before
doing it.
The same exists when a buddy goes offline.
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*** Original post on bio 202 as attmnt 143 at 2009-07-27 21:13:00 UTC ***

This is a work in progress. It disables the sign-on animations for buddies in closed groups. I'm too lazy right now to do that for the sign-off animation too. By the way, that code would probably need some refactoring to be less messy.

Intentionally not taking assignment, I don't know if/when I'll work again on this.
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*** Original post on bio 202 as attmnt 203 at 2009-08-19 00:49:00 UTC ***

Same as the first patch, but added 2 lines to remove the buddy immediately when his group is collapsed.
This is not code refactoring, just a small fix, refactoring is better for 0.3
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