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Javascript error when "typing" notification is sent (but the conversation does not exist anymore)


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JavaScript strict warning: chrome://instantbird/content/conversation.xml, line 274: reference to undefined property conv._conv
JavaScript error: chrome://instantbird/content/conversation.xml, line 274: conv._conv is undefined

This is possible because the line in question is in a setTimeout, the check on _conv is done before the function declaration so that there is a delay in which this reference may be dropped.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open a conversation
2) type in it, it sends notifications to your contact
3) while typing, press "ctrl + W" to close the tab.
4) See the error.

- a new test has to be done inside the timeout (instead of outside ?)
- give a name to the timeOut and clear it on initializing conversation.
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Null checker.

I tried with this._typingTimer = setTimeout(... and clearTimeout(... on destroy(), but it didn't work, I could reproduce the bug.

We could also put a try {...} catch(ex) {}, since the exception causes no harm, but I preferred to even trigger this exception.
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I'm ok with the code change here, but you should really add a comment explaining why you added this.
Something like "By the time the timeout is executed, the conversation may have been closed."

Not really related to this bug: one day we will want to move this code into a separate method so that we can call it from several places. Currently when something is pasted into the input box, typing notifications are not sent until we type a character.
Hmm... or maybe we should just use a different event? One that would indicate that the content of the textbox changed, rather than the fact that the user touched the keyboard while the textbox was focused...
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