Plugins should not be enabled by default



4 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: Romain BEZUT, Unassigned)





4 years ago
*** Original post on bio 230 at 2009-08-29 14:08:00 UTC ***

The application doesn't use any plugin, they are mostly useless and the tab in the addon manager can be confusing for users 'extensions' VS 'plugins'.
*** Original post on bio 230 at 2010-09-28 22:44:13 UTC ***

It's possible to use plugins in this application, here's a screenshot of a proof-of-concept extension:

Despite this I think disabling plugins for the time being could be a good idea as they're really not used anywhere at the moment.
*** Original post on bio 230 at 2010-09-29 08:25:13 UTC ***

I'm not really sure anymore of what "disable plugins" mean here. At first I thought it meant "compile out" the support for plugins, but if we want add-ons to be able to use them, it's no longer possible.

It can also mean hiding the UI related to them in the add-on manager because it is confusing.

Or making sure plugin would not load in conversations (or other browsers) except if an add-on explicitly requests them.
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