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*** Original post on bio 717 at 2011-02-24 18:00:00 UTC ***

Just got around to creating this bug...

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #953969 (bio 531) +++
> If Instantbird is able to be run on two systems and forwards from your home system i.e. your home system with Thunderbird and Instantbird, Instantbird forwards to your local instants of Instantbird where you are (work) so you can read [IMs] securely with out having setup your home [IMs] at work. 

bug #953969 (bio 531), comment #2
> Sorry my mistake. Then the request should fall back to
> (bio 54) with the added ability to
> do, more or less, an instant live sync between two clients if both are on line.
> At the very least this leaves room for the above integration to be developed,
> and should not be a limitation of the instantbird. 
> The most annoying thing IMO is the most of the IMs will boot you off the oldest
> connection ungratefully, The only exception to this is gmail's chat client.
> Ideally there should be a trust between clients where both of them are actively
> kept in sync.
> This could lead to some fun workarounds on IM'ing. In thory you could have a
> private internal IM server that is not connected to the outside world., however
> if you also have an account to the outside world, there is the possibility to
> route the IM through a different connection.

And also:
(In reply to bug #953969 (bio 531), comment #7)
> (In reply to bug #953969 (bio 531), comment #5)
> > 1. You want Instantbird to include a server so a running instance can be
> > connected to from another Instantbird instance (on a different computer most
> > likely). The "client" instance would then IM the "server" instance which would
> > pass it on to the "real" network, and received IMs would follow the opposite
> > path.
> I remember some passionate debate on this topic. I think it was with Even
> (offline though :-/). If we ever get the time to implement it, we would like to
> have an XMPP server in Instantbird and have the various Instantbird running on
> the same local network collaborate so that when going from one's laptop to
> one's desktop computer, the conversations are the same with the same history.
> I'm saying "local network" here because on the local network there's no
> firewall/proxy/NAT problem to work around. If you have one of your Instantbird
> instances running on a computer that can open a port on a public IP address, it
> can work outside the local network.
> If this bug is about integration with Thunderbird, this is way off topic
> though.
On the behalf of Florian:
Closing bugs related to the Instantbird UI as WONTFIX, as the development of the standalone chat client Instantbird has stopped. Instantbird users are encouraged to migrate to Thunderbird. The user interface of instant messaging in Thunderbird will feel familiar, as the Thunderbird IM support started as a fork of Instantbird.
Last Resolved: 27 days ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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