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*** Original post on bio 727 at 2011-03-09 10:52:00 UTC ***

We would like to know what people who try Instantbird for the first time think about it. I think we should make it trivially easy for them to send feedback after trying Instantbird.

An idea I had yesterday: what about opening a dialog automatically when Instantbird is closed for the first time (we should not do it when Instantbird is closed because the OS is shutting down, I don't know how we can detect that)?
The dialog would be somewhat like this:

 Send feedback?

 You have just used Instantbird for the first time.
 Would you like to tell us how you feel about it?

 [some way to select between ':-) I liked Instantbird because...' and ':-( I didn't like Instantbird because...'

 [                                       ]
 [          Text field                   ]
 [                                       ]

 You can send feedback later from the Help menu.

                         [No, thanks] [Send]

(the "send" button would be disabled until the user types something in the text field)

The 'You have just used Instantbird for the first time. Would you like...' text should not be displayed if that dialog is opened from the Help menu.

I think in addition to the user-entered feedback, we should send to the server the uptime and whether the dialog was opened automatically at shutdown or by the user going to the help menu.

While sending (and maybe for a second or two after the comment is sent), we should display somewhere "Thanks for helping us make Instantbird better for you."

See also our wiki brainstorm page (, and what Mozilla did for the Firefox 4 betas (Feedback add-on,, ...).


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*** Original post on bio 727 at 2011-05-23 16:26:34 UTC ***

It's too late to start working on this for 0.3. We still want this for a later release.
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On the behalf of Florian:
Closing bugs related to the Instantbird UI as WONTFIX, as the development of the standalone chat client Instantbird has stopped. Instantbird users are encouraged to migrate to Thunderbird. The user interface of instant messaging in Thunderbird will feel familiar, as the Thunderbird IM support started as a fork of Instantbird.
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